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As the world’s leading manufacturer of container farming technology, we’re working to empower anyone to grow food for their community.

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Freight Farms’ flagship product, the Greenery™ S, is a vertical hydroponic farm designed and built entirely inside a shipping container. Experience unprecedented environmental control and exceptional ease-of-use to unlock your growing potential. The Greenery S gives you complete control of the elements with five specialized systems that make it possible to grow food 365 days a year.



Grow Food Here

Our Grow Food Here series showcases the power of the Freight Farms technology by spotlighting our network of growers from all around the world!

Our last stop? Atlanta, Georgia! Learn how this husband and wife duo decided to take on an encore career as farmers and supply their community (and themselves!) with fresh produce 365 days a year.

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Your farm journey starts now. 

Take the first step to becoming a Freight Farmer with a custom quote and ROI projection. Plus explore all our resources to help you get started quickly.

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Farm smart with IoT farm management
and automation

Stay in control of your farming operation with our proprietary IoT farm management software, farmhand. Use farmhand to automatically optimize all growing variables based on the desired crop, and create the perfect environment no matter where you are in the world.

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Client Services

Become a farming expert with the help of our Client Services team.

Our goal is your success. Aside from technical support, we also offer on-boarding, training, continued education, and a community platform to ensure you are not just working with Freight Farms, but that you are becoming a Freight Farmer. 


Case Studies

Meet hundreds of Freight Farmers from all over the world

The Freight Farms platform has empowered hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations to start farming. Together, they have created a worldwide community of farmers addressing global issues of food insecurity, nutrition, and sustainability.

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